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Month: February 2009

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Tennessee Jobs

Human Resource jobs in Memphis TN

There are many openings for jobs related to Human Resources in Memphis TN. From HR Consultants, Directors and Assistants, to Payroll Administrators, Bilingual Benefit Presenters, both full time and part time jobs are available as this field is growing at a rapid rate and for Companies to battle recession, the right personnel in the right… Read More »

Texas Jobs

Human Resource jobs in Fort Worth TX

Openings for human resource jobs abound in Fort Worth TX popularly listed as one of America’s “Most Livable Communities”. With a population of over 6 million people and part of the Metroplex, the economic crisis has affected many. Corporate Companies and other smaller business public and private sectors are using stringent and cost effective measures… Read More »

Texas Jobs

Human Resources Jobs in Austin TX

Several openings for Human Resource professionals abound in Austin TX. The global economic crises in the financial sectors amongst others, has necessitated many job lay offs. The existing Corporate Companies need to take stringent measures to curtail costs and maximize production to get back on their feet again. This requires good Human Resource Managers. Many… Read More »

Ohio Jobs

Human Resource jobs in Columbus OH

Openings for human resource jobs in Columbus, the capital of Ohio are not difficult to find in spite of today’s recession as more and more companies and world centers are trying to spring back with renewed vigor from the existing global crisis. This has necessitated the need for experienced HR Consultants and Change Management Skills… Read More »

Texas Jobs

Customer Service jobs in Fort Worth TX

“Where the West begins” is the popular slogan for Fort Worth TX which as also been voted as one of “America’s Most Livable Communities”. Part of the Metroplex, Fort Worth along with Dallas and the surrounding areas house more than six million people. From its traditional cowboy country status and natural gas reserve, this small… Read More »

Tennessee Jobs

Customer Service jobs in Memphis TN

High above the Mississippi River, Memphis is the largest city in the State Of Tennessee, named after the ancient capital of Egypt. The weather in Memphis is humid and subtropical with 4 distinct seasons. Openings in Memphis TN for customer service related jobs range from Customer Service Representatives, Managers, and Administration Assistant working full or… Read More »

Ohio Jobs

Customer service jobs in Columbus OH

Columbus is the capital of the U.S city of Ohio and densely populated. Emerging as a global city, the economy of Columbus is varied and diverse ranging from educational, nursing, healthcare, retail and technology. The famous Fortune 500 Company, Cardinal Health, is anchored here. Openings for Customer service providers are available in different fields. Getting… Read More »

Texas Jobs

Customer Service Jobs in Austin TX

Opportunities for Customer Service Jobs in Austin TX. The fourth largest city in Texas, Austin is also the capital of Texas and houses many corporate giants, including two Fortune 500 companies, Dell and World Health Foods. Private and public sectors have mushroomed in this largely populated state and there is a constant requirement for customer… Read More »

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