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High above the Mississippi River, Memphis is the largest city in the State Of Tennessee, named after the ancient capital of Egypt. The weather in Memphis is humid and subtropical with 4 distinct seasons.

Openings in Memphis TN for customer service related jobs range from Customer Service Representatives, Managers, and Administration Assistant working full or part time, to Receptionists or Customer Service Positions plus Laptop Driven Presentations. The applicant must be a U.S citizen of at least 18 yrs of age or should have filed taxes in accordance with the law for at least 3 years. Training is offered by most Companies with benefits and incentives thrown in which can vary from one sector to the other.

Opportunities for customer service jobs can be sought from local newspapers, classified advertisements or from the internet. Many sites offer jobs both public and private. These could be Full or part Time. Some applicants find the shift hours convenient and work extra hours at a second job either from home or in the neighborhood to supplement their income. Courtesy and a pleasing and friendly disposition go a long way in getting a good job. Dealing with clients can sometimes be an uphill task but how you deal with them makes a lot of difference.

The Employment agencies in Memphis TN are generally hooked to large Companies and conduct interviews and high emotional intelligence tests before sending the applicant for a job. They charge a nominal fee for their services but it is recommended to choose a reputed agency and select the best offer. Memphis TN is the second largest metropolitan area in Tennessee and densely populated. Home to big Corporates like the Schering-Plough Healthcare Products and

FedEx Corporation, Memphis TN is also the world’s busiest cargo airport and employment agencies are constantly on the look out for candidates.

A Career can be pursued with Customer Related jobs in Memphis TN if one has a positive attitude and is motivated enough professionally. Great communication skills and patience are important criteria as most of these jobs call for interaction with people who have innumerable queries and doubts about products, loans and other services. Nowadays it is possible to further one’s career from home if there is access to a computer and internet. Many companies offer part time jobs for customer service oriented jobs including a quick training course. With such jobs one can work from the comfort of their home scheduling the hours best suited for them.

A Memphian can choose to work as a Bi-Lingual Customer Sales Representative, Customer Service Receptionist, or a Call Centre Customer Service Assistant. Customer service jobs are available with Banks and Home Loans and Mortgage Dept. Setting up payment plans and assisting clients to understand them are some of the works. It is not impossible to take on 2 part time jobs. Incentive travel schemes, medical benefits and additional training are all part of the Companies offers for applicants who work with dedication and motivation.

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