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Well Paid Summer Jobs In Orlando, FL

Openings for summer jobs and summer job vacancies in Orlando Florida can be found easily using the job listing tools available online. Job seekers can also easily come across part-time and home based vacancies for summer job hiring in Orlando. In particular, students can take up such jobs to earn extra income in Orlando during the summer break.

Work options

Vacancies exist for numerous part-time and short-term jobs such as sales staff, cooks, lifeguards, camp heads, camp counsellors, social work assistants, day care attendants, recreational workers, general child care, drivers, teachers, etc. Plenty of vacancies also can be found in areas such as arts and crafts assistants, music and dance assistants, sports and games assistants.

Vacancies can be found for groundskeepers during summer in Orlando. Successful applicants will have to take charge of supervision and maintenance of landscape of the property. They should also assist the maintenance staff to ensure that there is a clean outside appearance. Maintenance of parking lot and sidewalk areas may also be required and must take up other duties as well as stipulated by their employers.

Hiring for entry level sales persons

In the summer months there is large demand for entry level sales personnel in Orlando. Job aspirants can be assured of good pay and good working conditions. Applicants need not have prior job experience. Prospect for career advancement is also possible and those majoring in different fields can apply for such positions. Preferably candidates must have crossed 17 years of age and should be self-starters and hardworking.

Job as Summer Camp Director

There is also a growing need for summer camp directors in Orlando. Successful candidates must be capable of interacting with summer camp participants who are indulging in many camp activities. Summer camp directors should also work cordially with other employees, public and the children. They should have a good character and be able to get along with all types of people. They must also have the capacity to multitask and respect the decision of their superiors on important matters.

Jobs in maintenance and trade

Many companies require people over summer for home and resort maintenance. Such workers should be able to maintain vehicles and buildings as well as be able to used equipment. Many job opportunities are available to deserving people who can provide a range of services and also help in volunteer projects.

Other summer job opportunities exist in fields such as child care, pet care, and lawn care and which offer a lucrative pay. Such jobs can also be taken up by students and others. You can find plenty of summer job opportunities by making use of the job listing in Orlando and neighboring areas. As most of such jobs are related to tourism, vacancies can be easily found in the customer service and hospitality sector. Internship opportunities for summer jobs are available especially to students who can undertake training before they are recruited by large companies.

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