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Summer Job Opportunities in Riverside, CA

The Riverside employment guide is a good place to start to research recent summer job vacancies. Summer posts exist for jobs such as cooks, kitchenhands, student teachers, home nurses, maintenance staff, retail sales staff, camp supervisors and directors etc.

Computer professionals

There are many software firms in and around Riverside which require extra personnel during summer. Often, to secure these jobs, you just have to complete a simple, online employment form to apply. You can also apply for jobs in many of the computer or IT camps in the wider California area. Many IT Camps are organized in over 60 college and university campuses nationwide. These camps focus on unique, creative IT skills such as videogame creation, computer-based film making, and web design for campers.


Job seekers who like to spend some time in the sun and surf can find employment as life guards in water parks and beaches. You can easily find seasonal work here. The opportunities are not only provided for youngsters but to people of all ages and boast a friendly, diverse staff. Some swimming experience may be needed by candidates.  You can browse their websites to know more about the job openings, descriptions, and applications. Perks such as free admission and passes are available to employees or water parks.

Staff in concert venues

There are also numerous summer job vacancies in concert venues in California. Candidates are required for positions such as security staff, ushers, ticket staff and food service personnel. As these venues will be very busy during the summer months extra help is needed to serve the customers.

Additional job options

Many, many other summer jobs exist  for cleaning, housekeeping and maintenance of hotels or resorts. The busy vacation time means hotels and resorts are busier than ever.  Nannies can also find summer jobs easily in Atlanta. Groundskeepers will be required to maintain the clean appearance of buildings and gardens including its sidewalk and parking areas.

Teachers and tutors are often required to help school students improve their grades.  Alternatively you can find summer jobs for other posts such as cooks, camp counselors, day care attendants, social work assistants, camp directors, drivers, recreational workers, teachers, games and sports assistants, general child care, groundskeepers, nannies, etc.

Summer jobs are also available for students who intend to graduate with finance and marketing specializations. By working in some of the leading firms in California, applicants will added skills and experience in the field of work the intend to work in once they complete their studies.  This in itself is a huge advantage.

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