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Sales jobs Employment Opportunity in San Jose, CA

Best marketing and sales job openings exist in San Jose can be easily located by going through the job listings online. There are vacancies for the posts of sales and marketing managers etc online and you can find several such employment opportunities in San Jose. Job aspirants can also choose part time jobs and work from home jobs in San Jose. Job portals are the easiest way to spot openings for the post of sales managers in San Jose.

Employment Opportunities for Sales Executives

Sales Managers have to undertake team building and should have good persuasion and negotiating skills. They must also build a strong relationship with privileged customers, and be adept at handling product queries and complaints. They should undertake training for the sales professionals and lead the team effectively and must interact with sales managers and operations managers, build and develop customer service policies etc. They also have to check upon inside sales activities, monitor customer service and support the marketing manager with respect to marketing and customer service issues. The sales professionals in San Jose should guide a team of sales representatives, must have good level of patience and solve customer complaints and queries.

Jobs in the Sales and marketing field

Customer service, health care, telecom and insurance, banking and finance etc are the other sectors that require sales professionals. Job aspirants with a post –graduate qualification in sales or marketing can work as assistant sales manager, sales representative, sales executive, marketing executive, customer service manager, sales and service manager, customer service executive, etc among others.

Pre-requisites for sales job personnel

* Wide knowledge in sales and marketing area with interactive background
* Good negotiating skills and sales ability with some years of experience
* Good contacts
* Proven relationship building capacity
* Ability to work independently without supervision

Additional job responsibilities of a sales executive

* Sales executives in San Jose should be in constant touch with the customers and must endeavor to build new customers;
* Meet customers to better existing business or for a new business;
* Mediating skills are necessary so that he can be a go-between the company and its markets;
* Monitor sales closing and agreement terms;
* Collect sales and market information;
* Act on behalf of the company in exhibitions, demonstrations and events
* Discuss with managers about variations in delivery, price etc;
* Deliver ideas pertaining to product developments and special promotions;
* Get in touch with suppliers and supervise the progress of existing orders;
* Check supply of goods in stock;

Sales Executives and Managers in San Jose must also check sales and order information and dispatch the relevant documents to the sales office. They have to supervise their own sales performance as well as the company’s and try to achieve or exceed set goals. They must be able to handle customer complaints and queries effectively and must have good amount of patience. Sales personnel are also required extensively by banks, call centers, shopping malls and other private organizations which offer an attractive pay and other incentives.

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