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Sales jobs and opportunities in Miami, FL

Sales and marketing positions in Miami, FL can be quite easy to find using job listings online. Many vacancies exist, and are increasing daily, including sales managers or marketing executives in Miami.

Sales Executive Employment Opportunities

Sales executives are very important for the success of a business as their objective is maximizing the sales of a company's goods or services. Sales executives in large corporations may also be responsible for ensuring the commercial success of several companies at home and in overseas markets. They may have to work with high-profile products and brands. Sales Executives may also be required to identify and exploit new business opportunities and markets. They are chiefly responsible for developing and increasing sales in areas including:

  • Industrial supplies
  • Fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs) namely stationery and food consumer durables such as domestic equipment, toys and clothes
  • Software, IT and media
  • Print, financial and other services

Employment in the Sales and marketing field

Job aspirants can also seek to work in customer service in Miami. Positions available include sales representative, sales executive, marketing executive, sales and service manager, assistant sales manager, sales and service manager, marketing manager, customer service manager, customer service executive etc. Customer service managers typically are required to have a college/university degree and some years of customer service experience.

Pre-requisites for sales job aspirants

  • Knowledge and prior experience in marketing and sales area (important but not always essential)
  • Efficient communication skills and sales ability with some years of experience
  • Good contacts and good networking skills
  • Relationship building skills
  • Ability to work without supervision

Additional job responsibilities of a sales executive

Other key roles to be performed by sales executives are:

Strategic planning and focus on pre-sale activities. They must also clearly identify the benefits why the buyer will purchase and bridge the selling and marketing gap. They must also be a persuasive communicator during questioning, presenting and managing sales communications with the buyer. They must bridge the sales to service gap and focus on post sales activities also. They must also function as an effective manager and ensure that the goals are achieved on time and drive the continuous selling cycle initiatives for improvement. They must also act as the value driven guardian and concentrate on protecting existing relationships and expanding relationships from the competition.

Sales Executives and Managers in Miami should have high level of patience in solving complaints and questions of consumers and crisis handling capability.  They must be able to understand business requirements and give quotations to consumers by making fast cost/benefit calculations.

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