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Sales jobs and Employment in Memphis, TN

By referring to the sales jobs available in Memphis, you can locate such jobs easily in Memphis and surrounding areas. Several customer service job opportunities are available and you can find them easily by going through the job listings available online. Vacancies are available for the post of sales executives, managers etc online and you can find plenty of such job opportunities for employment in Memphis. You can also find work from home job and part time opportunities in Memphis.

Work opportunities for sales executives in Memphis

A Sales Executive/ manager in Memphis have to manage a team of sales representatives. He/she should also liase with suppliers to check on the progress of existing orders and check quantities of goods in stock and in display. Sales executives must also send copies to sales office and record sales and order information. They must also review their won sales performance and aim to meet or exceed targets. They must have a clear understanding of customer’s businesses and requirements and make accurate cost calculations. They must be able to feed future buying trends to employers. Their primary role involves handling customer problems, training executives, setting sales goals etc. The Sales Executives along with customer executives in Memphis must also work towards resolving customer queries and complaints.

Jobs in the Sales and marketing field

The job opportunities in the sales and marketing line in Memphis include that of marketing executive, sales manager, customer service representative, sales executive, technical and customer support executive, assistant sales and service manager, among others. Sales Managers must preferably have a post graduate degree and some years of experience in a marketing or sales field.

Requirements in Sales Executives

Sales Executives must be good at communication and have good knowledge and experience in marketing. They must have good sales ability with at least 3 years of experience. They must be keen relationship builders and have a database of wide contacts. Lastly they must have the ability to work independently without supervision.

Senior Executives- Ad sales

The role of an Advertising / Media Sales Executive in Memphis generally involves generating revenue and sales through effective telesales activity. Such Executives also have to increase advertising revenue in their field of media and meet call targets. Though previous experience is not usually mandatory, the Advertising / Media Sales Execs will have to possess excellent communication skills and an ability to work well in a team.

Other responsibilities

They also have to sell advertising space to new and current advertisers. Sales executives also have to source new business, supervise competitors and follow up on leads that can increase advertising revenue. Such advertising executives must also make effective business calls and encourage and develop additional revenue producing services. Lastly, they may have to build relationships with clients through email, phone and letters. There is also the need for Recruitment Sales Executive in Memphis whose role involves selling advertising space to current and potential clients as per targets to ensure that the revenue budget is achieved and exceeded. Recruitment sales managers also have to develop new business opportunities so that the revenue is maximised.

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