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The engineering industry is in need of a large number of engineering professionals as it is the backbone of the economy of Honolulu. The job aspirants can get a good chance to work in the reputed firms in Honolulu and try for career advancement. Using the job listing, you can come across engineering jobs easily in Honolulu and nearby areas. Chemical, Electronics, Mechanical and architectural engineers can find jobs here easily.

Job Vacancies

Vacancies are available in areas such as Electrical and Electronics, Civil, Mechanical and Mechatronics, Materials, Traffic, Structural, Transportation, Environmental and other areas.

Job of an Architectural Engineer

Architectural Engineers in Honolulu should try to solve problems relating to engineering field and must be able to work independently. They should also provide technical help to junior engineers and guidance to support staff. By monitoring engineering projects, they must see that it meets engineering specifications and standards. A senior engineer must not only supervise staff but also lead and monitor special studies in his area of specialization. They must also be able to co-ordinate activities related to projects and be able to lead improvement programs.

Job of other types of Engineers

Engineers should be able to maintain better relationship with senior management and other departments such as design and procurement. They must also be in charge of demonstrations and sales presentations. They must assist in product management and development. They must also be willing to take up tasks pertaining to configuration and design.

The chemical engineer has to see how they can effectively take up research and produce a certain product. They must also conduct certain tests and see that production is proceeding as per plans.

The sales engineer has to maintain close contact with engineering and solution architects and offer customer solutions. As they are an important part of business, they must be able to lead a team of sales professionals.

A mechanical engineer in Honolulu is in charge of designing machines, tools and other types of mechanically functioning equipment. They must also assume work pertaining to maintenance, repair and operation of equipment such as water and centralized heat systems.

Computer engineers are also needed in plenty in Honolulu. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, professionals in this career are the ones that are in demand.

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