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Jacksonville, the largest city in the state of Florida is known as one of the fast growing port cities in the United States of America. Jacksonville offers some very lucrative and challenging marketing jobs in the country, owing to the burgeoning consumer product/sales companies, financial institutions, and port-related export and import companies. This economically vibrant city on the Eastern coast of the United States is situated on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and the banks of St.Johns River, and boasts of the Jacksonville port which is the second largest port on the US east coast.
Openings: Even at a time when global recession is threatening the economy, there is no dearth for marketing jobs in Jacksonville. Aggressively growing transportation and distribution industry, financial services, consumer goods services, information services, insurance, advertising, export and import services and other sectors are constantly in need of all sorts of marketing and sales professionals. The openings range from entry level counter sales personnel to management level Marketing Directors etc. Most of the job portals on the internet advertise marketing job openings in Jacksonville on a day-to-day basis.

Opportunities: There are ample opportunities for challenging and highly remunerative marketing jobs in Jacksonville considering the wide variety of industries and companies that are thriving. Besides its huge port, vast ship repair yards and extensive freight handling facilities, Jacksonville has a host of small and large shopping malls, health care facilities, hotels, and financial institutions etc which require a large number of marketing/sales professionals. With an adequate number of prominent organizations, corporations and sales outlets there are opportunities for people of all profiles and marketing jobs to pick and chose from.

Career: A lucrative career in marketing jobs in Jacksonville means wading through hundreds of designations starting from marketing/sales representatives to top level management posts offering 6 figure salaries. Different types of job descriptions include marketing and sales consultant, marketing director, marketing coordinator, sales professionals, analysts, business development manager, product manager, project specialist, product management director, digital marketing manager, marketing strategist etc. With its extensive infrastructure and superb connectivity whether by road, air, rail or water, Jacksonville offers ideal opportunities for a career in marketing jobs.

Employment: Employment opportunities abound in Jacksonville thanks to its location. Port-related businesses offer employment to nearly 50,000 people and thousands more are employed in the three major military facilities, as well as the three major Fortune 500 companies in Jacksonville. Numerous marketing jobs are available at all levels in the various manufacturing and marketing companies. Some of the other businesses which generate marketing jobs include supermarkets, hotel chains, financial institutions, spas, consumer goods stores etc. Most of the Jacksonville companies list out vacancies on their online websites, or one can search for employment opportunities on job portals on the internet.

Work: Jacksonville is blessed with usually mild winters and rather hot summers and hurricanes generally give the port city a wide berth. With its closeness to water, Jacksonville provides an idyllic atmosphere for work and play.

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