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Listings of Human Resources jobs in San Antonio, TX

The requirement for human resources personnel is growing phenomenally in San Antonio, TX. The job listings will help job aspirants to get a fair idea about the human resources jobs available in San Antonio. With the appropriate training and depending on the type of position that you are interested in, you can get an attractive salary as a human resource professional

Pre-requisites in a Job applicant

Teamwork, good communication skill, basic computer skills, are the key factors when considering a career in human resources in San Antonio. Entry level positions are filled by fresh graduates when they start looking for jobs. Some companies specify a masters degree with the major subject being human resources, labor or industrial relations.

Role of human resources personnel

The human resources department is responsible for the requirements of employees and for their satisfaction. It is the hiring department is indispensable to every company in San Antonio. The human resources department is also responsible for all paperwork pertaining to employees wages and salaries and for ensuring that tax and other information are submitted on time.

Jobs for Human Resources personnel

HR managers have to function as strategic partners. The HR personnel are responsible for the accomplishment and development of the organization-wide business objectives and plan.

The HR business objectives must be so framed that they support the achievement of the overall business objectives and plans. The tactical HR representative must be aware about the design of work framework within which people try to contribute and succeed. This strategic partnership affects Human resources services such as the hiring, recognition and reward, framing work positions; performance appraisal and development; employee development and career and succession planning etc.

Job responsibilities of a HR manager

The HR manager in the role of an employee sponsor has to play an important part in success of the organization through his knowledge of people. This includes roles such as creating a work environment in which employees will try to be contributing their 100%, motivated and happy.

They also have to encourage best methods of communication, goal setting, and empowerment by assuming responsibilities and develop employee ownership of the organization. The HR professional should also try to set up the organizational climate and culture through which people have the concern and motivation to serve customers well.

The HR manager should also seek to develop employment opportunities, employee assistance programs, profit and gain sharing strategies, firm’s development interventions, regularly schedule communication opportunities and indulge in problem solving.

There are various grades of employment in the field of human resources in San Antonio such as follows

1) Human Resources Assistant – Such a person should have an associate’s degree or comparable training and up to two years of work experience. These persons should find new employees, take care of personnel records, undertake job evaluations etc.
2) Training Specialist – This section of people will take up training programs for new employees. The salary for such specialists is over $37,000 per year.
3) Human Resources Generalist – These people have to collect data pertaining to all the different segments of the HR department. They will also have to make their recommendations to their superiors.
4) Labor Relations Specialist – These persons have to involve themselves in any labor contract talks. They must be familiar of laws regarding local as well as state and federal subjects.

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