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Jobs in New Jersey: job openings and listings

There is no doubt about good salaries and good jobs in New Jersey being available as this state ranks second in the national above average income. Among the 100 wealthiest counties in this country, nine are in New Jersey making it a paradise for job seekers and for those who want to improve their lifestyle and earn higher salaries. Some of the counties in New Jersey are Middlesex County, Union County, Passaic County, Hudson County and Essex County.

Trade and business in New Jersey

Jobs in New Jersey can be found in the different trade and business aspects which are thriving here. The natural resources encourage agricultural outputs like dairy products, sea foods, nuts and fruits, vegetables, horse breeding, and nursery stock. So for those who have an agricultural background there is a lot that they can find in these areas if they have the know how and expertise.

Other industries which offer high ranking jobs are the tourism sector, publishing and printing, industries which manufacture electrical equipment, food processing units, telecommunication industry, chemical development and the pharmaceutical industry. There is no shortage of employment for job seekers, and they can find jobs in environmental sciences, engineering jobs, sales jobs, marketing jobs, administrative positions and also openings in the healthcare and educational sectors.

Qualified people are required for top positions but there are hundreds of management position jobs for those who have grown while working at a job, and have developed the expertise in their sector of employment. With many of the major pharmaceuticals based in New Jersey along with telecommunication companies and many other varied industries, there is no dearth for jobs in almost any field.

New Jersey has a well organized transport industry

The transport system in New Jersey is well organized with a strong shipping industry which is because of the location of this state. Port Newark is one of the largest ports for containers in the world. This is involved in the operation of food processing, refining and chemical development in New Jersey. The shipping industry provides a large number of jobs to the population of New Jersey. Airports are another area which offer great jobs in the aviation industry which are headquartered in New Jersey.

This well organized transport system is a boon to trade in New Jersey as all the products which are manufactured here find their way to their destination in a short time. The transport system has several lucrative job openings for those who fit the bill. Salaries in the counties of Monmouth, Bergen, Hunterdon, Morris and Somerset have some of the highest salaries in the country.
Tourism in New Jersey

Jobs in New Jersey are many in the tourist department and the hospitality industry because of the states location with seaside and lake resorts. Tourism provides revenue to the state which ranks fifth. This gives opportunities for work and employment in hotels, restaurants, resorts and also in travel departments.

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