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Jobs in Missouri: Finding information on job openings

Show Me the Money in the Show-Me State

Finding information on the diverse job openings Missouri offers is effortless, with its major industries in aerospace, transportation equipment, food processing, chemicals, printing/publishing, electrical equipment and light manufacturing.

If all of that seemed like too much this article can narrow it down for you a little and give you the seven best job resources.

1. Government institutions. Both in the government itself and as a provider of information on job openings as required by the Labor Department Office. A good percentage of jobs in the United States are in the civil sector; it is the largest single employer here. Look into the various departments (they advertise regularly in newspapers and online) and ask the Labor office for more assistance with other employment.

2. Newspapers and classifieds. The first medium of advertising jobs, it is still going strong largely because of its reach and accessibility. Many companies and businesses advertise in newspapers (they might even be looking for somebody who regularly reads the paper!).

3. Job websites. The Internet is rapidly reaching more and more households globally every day and thus job board and forums are becoming more and more popular, both for employers and employees.

4. Job/career fairs. These are actually an excellent place to apply for employment as you can get interviewed there right on the spot instead of waiting for your resume to get noticed. Many are government sponsored and advertised in newspapers so make sure you look out for these as well. Get to a job/career fair early if you really want to find a job opportunity there.

5. Network. Friends, family, acquaintances, old colleagues, teachers and co-workers are a great place to start your job search. Make sure you stay in touch with people, it doesn’t have to be every day but do call or email once in a while. It’ll make looking for a job much easier and is one of the most effective ways to find work.

6. Online presence. It is very important nowadays to have an online presence (website, forum, resume etc) that you can refer people and potential employers to because it takes hardly a second for them to look you up, and it’s a great way to showcase your skills, talent and experience.

7. Recruiters/employment agencies. The first thing to do is find out how much they’re going to charge but if it’s a good head-hunting agency then it’s well worth investing the time and money to find a good job through them.

You don’t have to, and shouldn’t, pick up the first job that comes your way. (Unless it’s your dream job of course!) Do your research, be patient, be thorough and you’ll likely be successful. Happy hunting!

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