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Jobs in Michigan: Resume tips for job positions

Probably every work-worthy individual in Michigan knows how to write a resume but proven tips for writing a resume that gets you the job add another dimension to it entirely. Talking to people who have successfully applied to and gotten jobs over the years always yields some new and interesting information and below is as comprehensive a summary as possible.

Ultimately you’re going to have to use all the resources at your disposal, your way of thinking, writing and being creative, but these tips should help you get started in the right direction.

1) Get noticed. Of course, you’re saying, that’s obvious enough. What is not so obvious is how people always get caught up in the writing of the resume itself and forget to ‘get noticed’. You have to put in attractive titles and headings; use bold, descriptive words that catch the eye and attract attention. Put in a good picture of yourself and print out the resume on very high-quality paper. The font you use, the way you format your resume and your use of language are all key to the employer taking any time on your resume beyond skimming through it.

2) Be relevant. Sometimes you have to put yourself in the potential employer’s very busy shoes. Write out your resume once and come back to it a few hours later, or the next day and then tweak it around to put the most relevant information on the first page (your resume can be more than one page, by the way) with clear headings and titles that tell the employer you know what you’re applying for. There’s no need to list everything you’ve ever done, or every award you’ve ever won but don’t leave out anything you think might be relevant. Ultimately, be clear, concise and crisp.
3) Do your research. Know exactly what it is the company does, a bit of its history and everything you can glean about the post you’re applying for. Michigan, for instance, ranked third in 2005 for number of registered recreational boats – if you’re applying for a job in this sector you’ve got to know what kind of sport or activity specifically your company caters to. You should preferably know a bit about boats and have had some experience on them, as well as how to get the ranking for the company you want to work for up to the first one or two slots.

4) The cover letter. This is normally the first page (hence, ‘cover’ letter) where you briefly outline your skill-set, your experience, a proposal for how you intend to add to the company’s value and, finally, why only you can do that as opposed to the other ten or twenty people applying. Don’t be afraid of taking a little risk on the cover letter – if you can make the employer smile or stop and think, they’re going to be very intrigued and will want to interview you.

With so much water, land and fun in Michigan it’s not hard to find job openings that suit you wherever you look. Keep the above tips in mind and get writing – chances are you’ll get a job with a gorgeous view of one of the Great Lakes in no time!

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