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Jobs in Massachusetts: Tips for finding job opportunities

Finding good job opportunities in one of the largest New England states, Massachusetts, is not actually as laborious as it seems sometimes – if you keep a few important things in mind while job hunting.

Of course, you’ve probably already been through that cycle of sending resumes and waiting for responses that never seem to materialize. And you’ve probably heard of the ‘hidden job market’ but were not sure how to tap into it, or even that you could. Well you can – anyone can – and you should! These are not just jobs offered on the sly to suits in dark corners. They’re simply jobs that are somewhat less advertised but nonetheless as open as any others.

Keep reading for three very effective practices that should help you get on the fast-track to pay day.

Practice 1: Pay attention

Occasionally some of the really good jobs in Massachusetts (and elsewhere of course) are still in the process of being created. This is where you’ve got to move and move fast! But how do you know if a job is being created? Sometimes even the big boss doesn’t know. Here is where you stand back and take a look at patterns of growth in industries and business – see what’s coming up and getting big. The sector that’s growing is where you know they’re going to need more people.

Whether that’s another produce wholesaler or paper printing company, Massachusetts has growth in plenty of areas and you need to keep your eyes open for it. Send your resume to up-and-coming companies as well as established ones in that field.

Practice 2: The resume surprise

Simply send in your resume to a firm of choice for their next open job, or create that open job. Don’t wait for an advertisement or solicitation in the ‘Massachusetts News’ – make your time and place. A great candidate already available to an employer means they won’t even need to post a job opening.

As for creating your place, well, it just takes a little research. There are plenty of companies out there struggling with some aspect of their growth or development without wholly realizing what has been missing. Enter your resume stage right to outline for them how your knowledge and skill-set can help resolve their problems.

Practice 3: Network refresh

Keep refreshing your network by staying in touch with old colleagues and teachers, with family and friends and all your co-workers. Networking your way into a top job, even in Massachusetts, is probably the most rewarding way to job hunt with almost 70% return on the effort you put in. Recruiters put much more weight on internal referring than any other kind of hiring method which includes newspaper ads, online ads, job fairs and head-hunters.

Networking has long-term as well as short-term benefits and even if you haven’t been on it for a while, starting it up is not hard and can yield some pretty immediate results.

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