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Jobs in Maine: Government job opportunities

Hundreds of jobs in Maine await you. Lots of interesting jobs in Maine are available for the earnest seeker. Though Maine is a prominent tourist centre, jobs are available in teaching, health, hospitality and other services. One can also come across various government job opportunities in Maine.

One of the main tourist centres, Maine is a state in the New England region of the United States. Covering an area of 33,215 sq miles, Maine has a coastline stretching up to 3,500 miles.

Getting a government Job in Maine is considered lucrative. It is easy to search for government jobs in Maine. The Maine Bureau of Human resources, a website of the state government, is a good source to search for government jobs in Maine. At the government website, you can come across “state jobs” from where you can begin the search. You can apply directly to the Maine State Civil Service, which covers the Executive Branch of Maine State Government. Selection is based on merit only and not based on sex, religion, colour, national origin or any other thing.

You can also apply directly at the many departments of the Maine state government. Click the “Direct Hire” page and place job postings. The “Direct Hire” positions are generally technical jobs, both professional and specialized. They also include attendant, domestic, unskilled and semi-skilled labor.

You can get more information on government jobs in Maine from the Career Opportunity Bulletins published by the Maine Bureau of Human Resources. One can review the bulletins for any job of one’s interest. These bulletins contain all information regarding the job, salary and examination process. The bulletins are available online and at the Maine Career Center Offices.

The Maine career centres are places where job seekers can search for government jobs according to their qualification and experience. In almost all towns, there are career centres, which is a vast source of government jobs in Maine.  Apart from providing information on the government jobs, these career centres also conduct job oriented courses that are a real help to the job seekers.

From the state government websites, one can get information about the opportunities in the state and municipal offices of Maine. You can also search for government jobs in the counties at this government website.

Apart from the government jobs in Maine, there are really vast job opportunities in the tourism sector. Hotels, transporting systems, travel agents all have openings. The Internet is really a good source for seeking jobs. There are hundreds of Maine job sites, which are updated every other day. These websites are packed with opportunities, based on experience and qualification. These web pages have a large database, which provides any type of job that you are seeking. The newspapers are also beneficial as you can come across various job classifieds. Then there are job fairs, which are no doubt a good source for job seekers.

Maine has a lot of state departments and getting a government job is not that difficult; just have patience to search for jobs in Maine and you get it.

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