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There are a massively growing number of jobs in Indiana for the position of software testing. Whether in the government sector or the corporate, your job search can end right here as this is no temporary occupation. A little training is required but that’s about it; you can have majored in anything, from nursing to finance, and still do extremely well in this field.

The field of Software Quality Assurance has been growing slowly and steadily since the early 90s when software and programming really started kicking off on the Internet. You can become a tester or engineer in this field with a minimum of training, between 100-150 hours for instance, and make up to $40,000 annually at the entry level. After a couple of years, if you have some sense of marketing yourself right, you could be pushing into the $100,000 bracket.

So is this a good career option? Well, there is no formal training for this kind of job apart from a few vocational schools so you do not get any knowledge beyond the subject itself. It is, however, a great entry into the world of software and computer science. And what many people do is simply teach themselves the skills and knowledge they need, as and when they need it. This means it’s a great, lucrative field to start out in and keep learning more as you go along so there is definitely a lot of personal growth.

If you’re looking for some kind of hierarchy or corporate ladder to climb then, as with all jobs, it will require a certain commitment of time and effort from you to push yourself further on upwards. Many software testers work for big software giants earning barrow-loads of money doing stuff they taught themselves! And the more you teach yourself the higher you can go in both your position and your salary bracket.

It’s preferable that you have some prior knowledge of programming because this saves the company time and money spent on training you from scratch but if you are smart, eager and enthusiastic then it doesn’t matter what your educational background is, you can easily get hired. Again, if you have some background knowledge in the field of the company you’re applying to that is a huge advantage. For instance, people with degrees or some kind of training in economics, finance, statistics, business and so forth would fit right into a financial software firm.

Age, gender, background and any other factors that sometimes hinder people in other jobs do not make any difference in this field. It truly is democratic – if you do your job well, you get hired and you get paid well. Some companies even offer to sponsor H-1B visas for foreign nationals especially if they have spouses with H-4 visas already working in the United States. If you are willing to work then this could be the perfect job for you to look into, with a great working environment and a very decent remuneration package.

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