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Jobs in Illinois: Tracking information on job opportunities

There are a wide range of jobs in Illinois, because of the large number of industries which are doing well. Illinois is centrally located with transportation infrastructure which makes it very comfortable to travel along with a healthy economy. There are some educational institutions which are comparable to the best in the world along with distribution and warehousing industries, technology at its best, manufacturing and financial institutions and agricultural growth.

Manufacturing industries in Illinois

Illinois is a leader amongst manufacturing towns in the world. The manufacturers    number almost 12, 000 and have many more numbers of plants which manufacture their goods. Because of the good transport system the transporting of the goods does not cost much and there are a lot of products being shipped out of Illinois. The major manufacturers are those who produce transport equipment, rubber and plastic, electronic goods and computers, fabricated metals, machinery, chemicals and food.

With so many industries around, it is easy to find jobs of any caliber; there are engineering jobs, customer service jobs, accounting jobs, marketing jobs positions and jobs which are management cadre and also part time ones. Finding employment is easy and one can also opt for work from home positions in some of the organizations especially if you are a qualified person but have commitments which keep you at home.  Many Fortune 500 companies are also located here and add to the job market in Illinois; these are Navistar International, Smurfit-Stone Container, Baxter International, Illinois Tool Works, John Deere & Co., Sara Lee, Abbot Labs, Caterpillar, Motorola, Archer Daniels Midland and Boeing.

Financial and agricultural jobs

Illinois is a leading financial industry hub with over 2000 commercial banks and a like number of credit unions and insurance companies. This gives Illinois the required financial resources for further development of businesses and also job openings in the finance sector.

On the agricultural side there are many commodities which generate large amounts of profits annually like corn, soybeans, livestock and dairy products and poultry. The food processing units and farms are a good source of employment and give jobs to thousands of people. A lot of food articles and processed foods are exported out of the state and this is another source of employment providing industry.
Hi-tech jobs for skilled work

The hi-tech industries in Illinois are a top industry for providing work for a work force which is skilled and highly educated. With many highly regarded universities and colleges in the state there are many educated persons looking for hi-tech jobs.

Warehousing and distributing jobs

With a great infrastructure for the transport system which is also cost effective, there is a lot of transportation of goods from Illinois. Goods are stored in warehouses and distributed from this town. This offers business opportunities to many who can either work for others or have their own distributorship or storage warehouses to rent out to others. Navigable water ways and airports add to the attraction of business and industry in Illinois.

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