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Jobs in Alabama: Finding job opportunities online

As the state where a completely different kind of money, the ‘Dixie’, was minted back in the day there are, unsurprisingly, plenty of opportunities for finding jobs online. In fact, online job hunting has become more and more common these days as the Internet increases to become a modus operandi for both employers and employees.

This can largely be explained by the dynamic, interactive, flexible and, above all, convenient environment that the Internet provides and this holds as true in Alabama as the rest of the world. The growing number of online job sites is a testament to this. There are plenty of ways to improve your search than simply typing in a few keywords.

Although that is where we start. The first step is going to be your search. For this you need to specify certain keywords such as the kind of employment you’re hunting for and where you want to work. There are a lot of powerful search engines you can use now, including google and ask, but do try a few different ones to exhaust all possibilities.

Further, use variations on your search keywords, such as job type + location; your area of expertise + location; company name + location or differing combinations of the above. Sometimes just putting in the kind of work you’d like to do, for instance, ‘art review job’ yields some interesting results instead of merely putting in the job type (editor magazine) etc. It’s possible to find something close to what you’re looking for but with a few added benefits!

In the same vein, visit potential employer websites. Think about what kind of environment or company you’d like to work in and find some company websites that appeal. Go to their career pages and explore what kind of opportunities they’re offering.

Do not hesitate to put your information and an application; it sometimes happens that an employee has to leave suddenly for some reason or the other and the company finds itself in a bind. In this case they will go through ‘quick fix’ measures and find your CV much sooner than they would have otherwise.
Joining job forums and portals is another very obvious, but often overlooked, way to land a great job in Alabama. Employers, HR managers and recruiters often check in to these sites to check for potential candidates. Similarly, social networks for professionals (such as linkedin) are a great way to meet potential bosses/co-workers.

Finally, browse online classifieds and help wanted sections to find interesting job opportunities that are sometimes described in better detail than in a newspaper classified. There are no shortages of online job postings in Alabama, land of the Dixie, so charge straight ahead and knock on opportunity’s door!

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