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Jobs and Careers In Anchorage, AK

Anchorage is a thriving city and offers many interesting and diverse job opportunities.  Alaska is a relatively wealth state in the US which is attractive for people looking to move there.  Federal subsidies also exist to keep taxes low – another advantage of living in this part of the country.

Work opportunities

Job vacancies in the government sector in Anchorage exist for positions such as transportation mechanics and drivers,  inspectors, patrol agents, teachers, medical assistants, receptionists, counselors, social workers, medical secretaries and so forth. Both part time and full time job openings exist in the government sector and training is also provided for these jobs.

By working with various government departments, you can have visibility and wide exposure to conduct business and interact with important functional areas. Job aspirants can also make use of government contracting work experience.

The military is another sphere of work where there are numerous vacancies available in Anchorage.  The three major US military bases employ 8,500 people alone.  Job seekers can work in active duty or take up part time reserve jobs. Both these services offer a lot of jobs which can later get changed into civilian jobs once the military service period is over. In the military itself, people are required to handle a lot of responsibilities such as artillery, tanks, indirect fire support, medical teams, pilots and a wide array of other specialties that utilize the highest level of technology.

Applicants can also take up other senior positions available with the Special forces, pilot/aviation, aviation and other types of administrative jobs. Even sectors such as Air Force, Arts & Media, Army, Combat, Aviation support, Computers & Technology, Coast Guard, Construction and Engineering, Electronics, Legal, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Marines, Medical & Emergency, Logistics and Supplies, Navy, Transportation and special force require candidates continuously.

Additional job opportunities

Tourism has become a major contributor to the Alaskan economy and provide many varied types of employment including tour guides, tour operators, hospitality, cleaners, hotel managers, cooks, chefs, bus drivers and more.

The Port of Anchorage receives 95% of Alaska’s goods entering the state.  As such many workers are employed there. 
Furthermore, the Port is currently being expanded which is providing a significant number of construction jobs.

Job Requirements

Obviously depending on the job being applied for, the more experience and skills applicants have in that area then the better chances of securing employment.   Job applicants should also consider the cold environment that Alaska provides and this may not suit everyone.  Nonetheless, there are many lucrative job openings in Anchorage which could satisfy a non-permanent move to Alaska.

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