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Government jobs and options in Oklahoma City, OK

There are thousands of government job openings in all fields of employment throughout U.S. You can come across lucrative government job openings in Oklahoma City and neighboring areas. The easiest way to know more about these job vacancies is by browsing through the job listing available online. Agriculture, Military, fisheries, veterinary sciences are some of the various areas where such jobs are available.

Job Options

Government servants can find jobs in Oklahoma City such as drivers, consultants, inspectors, patrol agent, inspectors, teachers, medical assistants, accountants, social workers, counselors, receptionists, secretaries, home and security guards, data entry operators, loan officers etc. Auditors, air traffic control specialists administrative support clerks can also find plenty of job options in Oklahoma City. Training is available for some of these jobs and part time and full time vacancies can be found easily.
You can come across numerous job vacancies even in the military. You can find jobs in the medical service, aviation sector, Special force and many other administrative related jobs. Other jobs that can be taken up include those in the Army, Airforce, Aviation Support, Media, Coast Guard, Combat, Electronics, Computers & Technology, Construction and Engineering, Legal, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Logistics & supply, Marine technology, Medical & Emergency, Special Forces and Transportation etc.

Work of a medical officer/Medical Technologist in government service

A Medical officer in Oklahoma City has to provide direct medical services including preventive, therapeutic, diagnostic services within the stipulated areas to both outpatients and inpatients in the hospitals and health care centers. They must also be responsible for ambulatory health care, neo natal care, pediatric, adult patients, geriatric and adolescent care and service. They must offer their services on appropriate hospital or service unit committees as directed. A Medical Technologist must work in a clinical laboratory department of a general surgical or medical hospital or outpatient nursing home in the Oklahoma City area. Such people have to be knowledgeable about various technical procedures performed in each section. This is because technologists may be deputed to serve in different wards or sections everyday.

Other job options
You can also work as proposal analysts in Oklahoma City. This career opportunity helps job aspirants to get wide exposure and visibility in many areas of the business and also helps in interaction with key functional areas. Job aspirants if selected can also gain from government contracting work experience which can occur as a result of working in such jobs.

Other job options available in the government field in Oklahoma City includes that of home health aides, nurses, drivers, guidance counselors, educators, file clerks, fishermen, air Marshall, clerks, counselors, cooks, telecommunication officers etc.

Job Requirements

Good knowledge of computers and interpersonal skills are essential among job aspirants. They must also possess the ability to interact with people at all levels of the firm. They should have good multi tasking skills and should be able to supervise several projects simultaneously. People who wish to work in this area must be self starters an capable of working independently with limited supervision.

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