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Government Jobs and Careers In Portland, OR

Governments at all levels are constantly seeking quality staff in Portland. Candidates can research government job vacancies in areas near to Portland using online resources. Both part time and full time jobs are available in the government sector. You can find medical jobs and opportunities in industrial and academic fields also.

Jobs offered by the Government

Prospective government employees can take up various job roles such as consultants, inspectors, patrol agent, teachers, medical assistants, receptionists, bookkeepers, guidance counselors, social workers, security and home guards, medical administrators, data entry operators, loan officers and many more. Job training usually provided for these jobs and you can often choose between full time and part time openings in Portland.

Careers are also available in the military in Portland. Candidates can choose to work in active duty or part time openings. Some of these jobs get converted into civilian jobs after military service. Candidates have options such as usage of artillery, transport, indirect fire support, medical teams, pilots and many other specialties that use the best technology. Job aspirants can also work in higher positions such as Special forces, pilot/aviation, medical service, and related administrative positions. Other positions where job aspirants can find jobs are Engineering and construction, Law Enforcement, Army, Aviation Support, media, Coast Guard, combat, computers & Technology, Intelligence, Logistics & supply, marines, navy, Medical emergency, and Special Forces.

Additional job opportunities

There are also many job opportunities in Portland in the government sector at entry levels. These include openings for home health aides, truck drivers, nurses, educators, fishermen, guidance counselors, mail and file clerks, cooks, food counselors, telecommunication officers etc in the government. Often these positions provide excellent opportunities for promotion and advancement.

Regardless of the state of the economy, the US Government is constantly hiring new personnel. Anyone looking for a career change is encouraged to consider Government positions as they are wide and varied and offer good future reward.

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