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Openings in Memphis TN for Management and Executive jobs continue to be on offer though the economic meltdown has left many jobless in its wake. The field here is vast and varied and experience being the main prerequisite for an Executive, a candidate can still choose the field he is interested in and look for appropriate openings. More than 23 major Companies have set up businesses in Memphis and many Fortune 500 Companies like FedEx, Auto Zone, First Horizon National Corp., Fred’s, Thomas & Betts and Mueller Industries have anchored here.

Opportunities are posted regularly on job sites on the internet and online registration facilities are made available to the applicants. ASN Healthcare, a Medical Equipment Pharmaceutical Company offers a Sales Representative job for a full time employee and does not specify any experience. Most jobs in this line call for minimum 5 to 7 years experience Paid training is provided at entry-level. Comfort Products require Advertising Sales executives with a minimum 4 year degree and a strong desire to succeed. Accredo Health requires a Project Manager in Management Planning/Strategy. Manta Resources Inc. is looking for a Finance Manager/Plant Controller. This job is for professionals only with 10 years of relevant experience.

Employment as a Sales Representative in Advertising, Banking, Finance, Biotechnology, Consumer Products, Computer Software, Marketing, Outsourcing are being advertised to cater to the major Companies and many Healthcare Institutions. Many Recruiting Companies have now entered the field as with the economic recession, it is imperative to hire executives who can step into a position and begin contributing to the Company immediately. The Healthcare Departments, Nursing Homes, Hospitals and Day-care centers are constantly advertising for jobs as they are always short-staffed. This job requires a pleasant disposition, great verbal and communication skills, and a pleasing and caring disposition as they have to deal with the sick and elderly.

Most candidates who work here move on when they find a better job. The U.S District Court Western District accepts applications for the post of Chief U.S Pretrial Services Officer. This is a prestigious job and requires a minimum of 2 years of professional experience in a relevant field.

Pursuing a Career in Memphis TN is possible if one has the right aptitude to quickly assess a given situation, plan, strategize, implement rules and aid the productivity of the workplace. Some Companies offer pre-training facilities. Gaining experience is required to move up the ladder. It is then possible to take a promotional leap to a higher level when the right employment presents itself.

Work from home as a Recruiter could be a lucrative way of earning the extra income. Interviews can be done online and in some cases soft skill training can be carried out through the internet. A computer and good internet access facilitates working from home at convenient hours. Technical recruiters can work from home or office as many jobs are advertised by large recruiting companies. Job satisfaction is the keyword to a healthy work atmosphere.

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