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Openings in the Metroplex where more than six million people reside are created in major Companies and Institutions as those affected with the economic downturn create new critical changes with downsizing and cost effective methods. For this, Management executives play a lead role in using their analytical ability and implementing strategic changes to enable the Company to grow quickly and in the right direction. Once a cowboy terrain, Fort Worth Texas was famous for its natural gas reserves. The Texans used the income brought in by these reserves wisely, bringing in arts and culture, and soon Fort Worth TX was voted one of “America’s Most Livable Communities” attracting many settlers to this sunny state.

Opportunities for all walks were available and people of different nationalities made their permanent home in Fort Worth. For any job, one has to primarily be a U.S citizen, minimum 18 years old, and preferably be bi-lingual. The Bank of America requires a VP, Investor Accountant with minimum 5 years experience and adept at Excel, Access and Word with specific knowledge of Investor Accounting. Robert Half Management Resources offers an exciting opportunity for a Proposal Development Manager to develop and implement capture strategies and be responsible for the success of the development.

Full time employment as an Assistant Director of Nursing is available at Sava Senior Care for those who can meet the criteria of a current TX TN licensure. This position is for Downtown Health & Rehabilitation facility in Fort Worth TX. Many recruiting agencies enlist jobs on their sites and interact with the candidate before presenting them to the Company. Q&A Recruiting offers a job position as a Director to join the Sox Team for a Fort Worth Company. The candidate must work as a Sox liaison officer for both the internal as well as the external audit firm.

For those seeking career opportunities in Criminal Justice, many jobs as either an ATF or CIA agent, Bailiff, Customs Agency, Crime Scene Investigator, Paralegal Assistant, Police Detective, Police Officer, Private Investigator to name a few, are available. Since these jobs are always on demand one can build a career path with one of these professions. A High School Diploma is all you need. Professional training is provided by these different departments. An Attorney would have preference for a Paralegal job position in Downtown Forth Worth TX. Those interested may apply to Cornerstone Staffing.

Work positions are open with Alcon Labs Inc. as a Corp. Compliance specialist. Good interpersonal and communication and an Associate degree in Paralegal or a Paralegal Program Certificate are necessary. Advertisements in newspapers and job sites on the internet give details of the jobs and an applicant can utilize the facilities of online registration to seek work. Another option is to work from home as a Recruiting Officer for major Companies. Technical expertise is provided by the companies and working at convenient hours makes this job a worthwhile proposition especially when supplementation of income is warranted.

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