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Openings for executive jobs in El Paso TX can be viewed from the internet or newspapers. Situated midway between Los Angeles and Houston, along the Rio Grande River, El Paso is in the Mountain Time Zone and is the 4th largest metropolitan area in Texas. More than 70 Fortune 500 Companies like The Hoover Company, Boeing, Delphi (auto parts) and Eureka to name a few, are housed here. Bay Area Executive Search has an opening for a Pharmacist for their acute care facility.

Opportunities for a top- Sales Manager/Outside Direct Sales are available with National Write Your Congressman. This job is full time with a potential six figure income and offers a great advancement opportunity which offers recognition with freedom and flexibility. is looking for a Manager of Safety & Security for a Manufacturing Company. A B.S Degree in Industrial Society, Business Administration or a related field and a minimum 10 years experience in a similar field is essential. Girline Health Care, which is opening soon, has a requirement for a Director of Client Care preferably with supervisory experience.

Employment with the Department of Army is currently available in El Paso TX. The U.S Army’s Air Defense Center is at Fort Bliss and this has been a major contribution to their economy. Executive jobs are advertised for a Secretary office Automation, Social Worker, Supply Technical and Medical Technologist. The Selecting official will check out the basic qualification requirements for each position and employ candidates after a series of tests and interviews. The Immigration Court in El Paso TX has a vacancy for a Clerk (Student Aid) full time or part time.

A career could be considered with the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP). Right now they are looking for a Contract Specialist Unicor. Being a Federal Government job, it is possible to study while you work, and inculcate the essence of integrity, diversity and professional development with this family-and career-oriented agency. A 4 year course of study leading to a bachelor’s degree with a major in any field is a must and the maximum age for entry to this job is 36 years.

Healthcare Institutions in El Paso are critically understaffed. The need for Nurses and Executives to run their facilities is increasing everyday. To be able to cater to the sick and the elderly or

infants one should have a pleasant disposition, be able to communicate well and have a strong drive to maintain efficiency in the units.

Work from home part time or full time in El Paso as an Executive to earn the extra income. Whether it is a Federal Government job or work as a Recruiter, this can be done while studying and following a degree. Many housewives find it convenient to work from home. Being bi-lingual is an added advantage. Special incentive packages are always being advertised on the net for temporary or part time jobs where training is given to applicants who wish to work from home.

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