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Exciting Management jobs and opportunities in San Jose, CA

There are exciting management jobs available at all levels in San Jose and you just have to go through the job listings to find out more about these job opportunities.

Career opportunities for Managers:

The Chief Financial Officers (CFO) in San Jose are in charge of handling the financial aspects of the business, including profits and losses, financial statements, accounting practices, inventory controls, theft control, labor payrolls and production cost. Anything involving purchasing supplies or remodeling and also saving or spending money comes under this group. Many times the CFO has to make the tough decisions regarding whether a company has to lay off people, can afford certain equipment or cut costs without cutting into production.

Chief Executive Officers (CEO) should balance the operational and financial needs of the company, and increase the sales of the company. They come under a three prong hierarchy including the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the Chief Operating Officer (COO). In this three-prong hierarchy, they can be termed the bad cop if the other two agree on the financial and operating needs.

Chief Operations Officers (COO) monitor the operations of the business. They have the responsibility to see that the equipment is running smoothly, the laborers are productive and happy. He also has to ensure that there are no cost overruns or unnecessary overtime payroll, due to equipment malfunctions and incorrect scheduling. They are blamed when product shipping is behind schedule and customers begin to cancel orders to get it elsewhere.

Other job options for Managers in San Jose

General Managers or Operations Managers in San Jose are in medium to small sized companies and will either report to higher-ups in larger companies or directly to ownership in medium to smaller companies. They are also responsible for firing, hiring, financial and legal issues, equipment needs or renovations and the labor pool.

For those in the lower level managerial positions in San Jose, they must deal with the employee issues on a daily basis. They protect higher management and ownership from any problems that can be corrected by their labor team to cut costs and better productivity while still showing a profit.


All of these managerial positions can pay close to or over $100,000 annually, which mainly depends on the size of the company. Pay increases directly on par with the responsibility and size of the company. Moreover other lines of business and expertise pay more, just like in any other job.

Pre-requisites for a managerial job

Job aspirants for managerial posts in San Jose should have good managerial or administrative capability and should be able to lead a team of sales or marketing professionals under their lead. The role of a manager in the filed of customer service involves encouraging customer service executives and guiding and leading the team to achieve their best so as to meet the company’s goals and objectives. They should also be able to handle crisis and handle queries and complaints effectively. Qualification and prior experience in the same field will be other advantages.

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