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The economy is Vermont has been described as “stagnant” but that does not mean that there are not job and career opportunities for those seeking employment there. Canada is a major trading partner of Vermont and this provides further employment opportunities.

Manufacturing is a key industry in Vermont. IBM has a key manufacturing plant there which employs many thousands of workers. Such a large organisation provides opportunity and presence and is a magnet for candidates seeking a secure job. Being such a large corporation means that the job opportunities are varied; from sales to manufacturing , human resources to maintenance. High management positions are also there should candidates aspire to those positions.

Tourism in Vermont is also a very important industry and therefore, provides vital employment opportunities for locals. Ski resorts are a major drawcard to the area and so those seeking seasonal employment over winter have many options. Hospitality provides a large number of job openings, from cooks and chefs to cleaners and wait staff.

For more “secure and stable” employment, job seekers should consider government job vacancies. Again there are wide and varied number of positions always available for the right candidate. Job opportunities and careers in the Government sector in Burlington include patrol agents, various inspectors, drivers, teachers, receptionists, administrative assistants, medical assistants, counselors, book keepers, social workers, loan officers, medical secretaries, gardeners, secretaries, data entry operators and the like. Both full time and part time vacancies can be found in the Government sector in Burlington. For most of these jobs training will also be provided to the successful candidates.

The health system in Vermont is highly regarded in the US and again provides job and career opportunities for aspirants. By working in the medical centers in Burlington job seekers can get a chance to learn from the experts. The job opportunities are plenty and available for nurses, physicians, specialists, surgeons, doctors etc. Those having some years of experience can be employed in senior positions. One can get to improve his personal and professional profile by working in these reputed hospitals in Burlington.

As you can see, there are many and varied job and career options for job aspriants in Vermont. Job seekers need not move south or west to obtain their desired employment because chances are they could get a desirable job right in Vermont and therefore continue to be able to live the lifestyle that the state offers.

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