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Many engineering job opportunities created every day in Nashville can be located by going through the job listing available online. Many part-time job openings and work from home jobs in Nashville also are available. By working in quality firms in Nashville, job aspirants get a chance to interact with a broad stream of professionals who have great expertise. Candidates can develop their professional and personal profile by working in such firms.

There are many engineering jobs fast opening up in Nashville as the USA has welcomed the development of finest and the most advanced technologies of the world. Vacancies are many for positions such as sales engineers and field service engineers in Nashville.

Job of a Field Service Engineer

The main duty of a Field Service Engineer (FSE) is to provide installation supervision, customer-site field repair, and maintenance services to customers. The FSE has to travel extensively; especially to the customer site. There, the FSE has to take up UPS systems repairing and providing customer site maintenance and analysis of a failed product. The selected FSE should also have sound knowledge and experience in repairing and diagnosing electronic circuitry at a component level.

Qualification needed

At least 2 years related experience
Electrical Engineering degree or equivalent
Strong knowledge of electronic theory to component level
Strong verbal and written communication skills in English
Strong verbal and written communication skills in the native language
Capacity to work independently
Interest to travel extensively
Ability to work in a team

Role of Engineers

Candidates willing to work in several fields of engineering in Nashville must be able to develop strong relationships with clients at various levels of management including procurement, design and senior management. Such candidates must be able to lead technical sales presentations, and assist with configuration and implementation of best practices to partners, negotiations, industry trends etc. They should also provide input to the Product Development/ Marketing team as and when required.

Those willing to work as architectural engineers must be able to create proposed solutions along with technical materials and application drawings for presentation to prospective client organizations. They must also be able to put forth technical solutions to internal provisioning team which can be implemented in due course. The field and technical service engineers must also act as key decision makers with respect to working with (and knowing when to deploy) technical subject matter experts. They should also play a vital role with respect to development and implementation of the business/account strategic plans with the sales team. They should also foster customer relationships as defined by account strategies at the appropriate levels and also be an integral member of the business and technical solution.

Such job aspirants must be able to have strong working relationships with marketing, Engineering, as well as Solutions Architects and design customer solutions.

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