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Engineering job openings in El Paso TX, where more than 70 Fortune Companies are located, are advertised daily on the internet and through various local newspapers. Many job sites on the internet list out various specialized engineering vacancies. El Paso is in the Mountain Time Zone and due to its friendly and “more than 200 days of sunshine”, draws large number of settlers to this city. There are numerous technical recruiting agencies that list out details of job requirements and scrutinize applicants on behalf of their clients. Staffing has become a very popular means for enlistment. Major leading Companies prefer to use these agencies to seek out the right candidate as qualitative and quantitative critical measures are being taken to boost economic financial growth that has been seeing a lot of turbulence in the recent months.

Opportunities for 2 categories of engineers are currently available with Cardinal Health, a Healthcare service in their Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Division. One is for a Supervisor Assembly- end shift who can assist in manufacturing for functional success. One to five years experience in a supervisory capacity is the minimal requirement apart from a 4 year engineering degree. The other is for a Manager – Manufacturing Engineer with minimum 8 years experience with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering. A PCB Industry has authorized to seek a Supply Quality Engineer who can travel from El Paso to Juarez, Mexico regularly for their Company’s work. English and Spanish speaking candidates are preferred with a minimum 4 year degree or 5 years equivalent experience.

Employment at various levels as an engineering technician can be sought in the field of Telecommunication Engineering, Petroleum Drilling, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical, Metallurgical and Electrical Engineering. Other specialized services are Validation (Quality) Engineer jobs, Construction Cost Engineers, Packaging, Civil and Software Engineers and those with experience in Biomedical, Geotechnical and Networking sectors. The salaries and perks offered depend on the experience and expertise provided all criteria are met by the applicant.

To promote one’s Career as an Engineer in El Paso, TX, one must have initiative and drive. A wonderful opportunity for a Career as a Senior Text Training Engineer (SETAD-FCS) is available with The Science & Systems Engineering Solution Business Unit on the Future Combat Systems. The applicant must be a U.S citizen holding a secret clearance certificate. Experienced personnel can apply for this prestigious post in the Army.

Work with Raythean Technical Services is available right now for a Manager II – Engineering,

Field Engineer, Technical Support Engineer II with Security Clearance and for an Industrialist/Commercial Graphic Artist. Since these are all specific jobs, an engineer should have a minimum degree plus 5 to 10 years experience in a similar related job. All these jobs are available through jobsites and the candidate must of course be a U.S citizen. Voted as the 4th largest metropolitan area in Texas, El Paso has a large population and encourages graduates and employees with attractive benefits and compensations.

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