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If you have extra time on your hands and if you are good at what you do, then start looking for customer service jobs in and around Jacksonville, FL. Customer goods technology is advancing by leaps and bounds on a day to day basis which requires constant and competent customer support in almost all fields. With its diverse business base ranging from consumer products, financial services, and health care to transportation and logistics companies, the popular port city of Jacksonville provides innumerable customer service job opportunities whether part-time or full time.

Openings: Fast changing technological innovations have ushered in an era of customer care support in almost all fields to capture markets. Every business establishment now feels the need to hire customer service representatives even if it is to liaise with lawn and garden technicians. There are innumerable openings in all types of businesses depending on a person’s interest and qualification. Customer service jobs can range from part-time telecommuting to working full hours as call center representatives, customer care personnel or collection representatives etc.

Hundreds of websites and job portals list job specifications on the internet which is updated on a 24/7 basis.
Opportunities: Being the second largest port city on the East coast of the United States, Jacksonville is a thriving economic hub. Besides port-related companies handling freight etc, Jacksonville is home to several major industries in various fields like healthcare, financial services, information technology, insurance, telecom and realties etc. Most companies/industries need people who skillfully deal with customers. Opportunities are immense in a fast growing city like Jacksonville. Jacksonville is also home to three major military facilities around which are based numerous entertainment and hospitality industries which require customer service personnel.

Career: Musical industry, financial services, information services, telecommunication companies, beauty consultants, transportation industry and all consumer goods manufacturing and distributing centers require customer service personnel. Career as call center representatives, healthcare benefit representatives, customer care supervisors, consumer panelists, customer care personnel, telephone interviewers, telephone representatives, collection representatives etc is becoming very popular these days. Most of the customer services jobs can be done from home either online or on telephones, which are now gaining popularity as a career option.

Employment: Jacksonville has many well known major corporations and organizations, besides three Fortune 500 companies. Many of these companies offer full time employment for customer service personnel. Besides these industries almost all consumer-related shops and companies, hotel chains, nursing management, spas, and financial consultancies etc offer full time or part time customer service jobs. There are many job portals on the internet listing employment opportunities.

Work: Working as customer service personnel can be very satisfying as it calls for utilizing one’s communicative skills to establish contacts and help people. Customer service jobs are gaining popularity in Jacksonville as it can be done without commuting long distances or compromising quality time with family. Whether it is selling products/services or rectifying or helping, being a customer service representative or advisor can be a very rewarding experience.

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