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Challenging Customer Service jobs in San Jose, CA

A wide range of customer service job opportunities are available for those interested in this field in San Jose, CA. These jobs can be done by people willing to work from home also in San Jose and as part time work. Other than work from home jobs, customer executive vacancies also exist with shopping malls, banks and other consumer product companies in San Jose, CA.

Web sites

Customer service jobs can be easily located by going through the job listings online or the employment sections of the newspapers in San Jose. There are vacancies for the posts of managers, customer service manager and executives online and you can find plenty of such job opportunities for working in San Jose.

Jobs as customer service managers and executives

A customer service manager or executive in San Jose has to manage a team of customer service representatives. Giving Training to the representatives, solving customer problems, trying to build a strong relationship with customers, setting goals for customer service and training team members, establishing customer service policies, supporting sales and promotional activities, coordinating with retail managers, operations managers, sales managers etc, monitoring inside sales activities, customer service and supporting the manager with respect to marketing and customer service issues, all these come under the job profile of a customer service manager. The customer service executive has to ensure that that the customers are satisfied and resolve their complaints whenever it arises.

Jobs in customer service field

Customer service executives can work in San Jose as marketing manager, customer service representative, customer service executive or manager, customer support executive, sales representative, technical support executive, customer service associate etc. A bachelor’s degree and some years of experience is mandatory to work as a customer service executive. There are also other related career opportunities for those willing to work from home in San Jose.

Essential requirements in a customer service person

The aspirants for customer service positions must be able to handle customer queries and complaints and must have lots of patience in handling customers. Crisis management and interactive and good communication skills apart from basic computer knowledge will be other advantages.

Significance of customer service

There are also excellent career opportunities in San Jose the following areas:

Marketing and sales transformation — Create and nurture particular competencies essential for fostering growth and improving the effectiveness of sales and marketing.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy — This strategy related to customer service management focuses on collaboration and delivering critical capabilities across departmental boundaries and channels.

Service transformation — Bring out transformation of service to add to customer value, based on improved customer satisfaction and lowered reduced service cost through all channels and stages of the post-sales service life cycle.

Optimization of Contact Center— improves the efficiency and effectiveness of contact center operations.

Essential qualities in a customer service person

The aspirants for customer service positions should high amount of patience in handling customer complaints and must be customer friendly. He/She must be able to manage crisis and handle complaints. Prior experience in similar field will be other advantages.

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