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Accounting jobs in Memphis, TN

The accounting and audit companies in Memphis are involved in making various laws and regulations related to accounting. The companies in Memphis help managers and decision makers to plan resource allocation, budgeting, manpower planning and take decisions with respect to other areas of business in the organization.

Career opportunities

Superb job opportunities exist in Memphis in areas such as financial and management accounting, cost and tax accounting, internal and external auditing etc. These jobs are available to both experienced professionals and fresh graduates around the world.

Accounting and Auditing jobs in Memphis

There is no scarcity of jobs, especially accounting and auditing jobs in Memphis for a hardworking person. Good working environment and job security with lucrative pay and perks are assured to persons with the right skills in Memphis. You can also get the chance to grow in various career positions in audit and accounting jobs in Memphis and other locations.

There is a growing need for Management and government accountants in Memphis. Auditors and Government accountants work in the public sector. They help to maintain and examine the records of auditing private businesses and government agencies whose activities are subject to taxation and government regulations. Accountants appointed by Federal, State, and local governments help to ensure that expenditures are made as per rules and regulations and revenues are received.

Internal auditors in Memphis check the internal controls of the firm and also monitor against waste, mismanagement, or fraud. They examine the organization’s management procedures, internal controls, financial and information systems etc and check for accuracy of records. They also monitor the company’s operations, compliance with corporate policies and evaluate its efficiency and effectiveness. Internal auditors may also work as environmental auditors, information technology auditors and compliance auditors.

Public accountants in Memphis have to take care of aspects such as bankruptcies and contract disputes, securities and embezzlement and other complex and criminal financial transactions etc. Forensic accountants use their knowledge of finance and accounting with investigative techniques and law to determine whether an activity is legal or not.

Work environment

Most of the auditors and accountants in Memphis work in a typical office setting. Some can also get jobs to do part time from home. Those who work in public accounting firms, government agencies, and organizations with various branches may have to travel frequently to undertake audits clients’ places of business, branches or government facilities.

A majority of the auditors and accountants work a standard 40-hour week, but many work longer hours. This is especially the case when they have several clients and are self-employed. Tax specialists have to work longer hours in the tax season.

Chartered Accountants in Memphis can also work in the field of Cost Accountancy. He/she has to give information on costing introducing cost control methods, the guidance of management and assist the management in determining proper selling prices.

The services or advice of Chartered Accountants in Memphis are also required with respect to financial structure, formation and liquidation of limited companies. Chartered Accountants are often asked to investigate the financial aspects of the firm to check its accuracy.

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