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There are great requirement for accountants and auditors in Columbus and you can find such jobs from the job listings available online. The accountants and auditors help to see that the public records are kept in order and that Nation’s firms are run efficiently. They also ensure that the taxes are paid on time.

Job Responsibilities

Accountants undertake several vital functions by offering an increasingly a range of business and accounting services to their clients. These services include government, public, management government accounting, as well as internal auditing. Apart from the fundamental tasks of the occupation, accountants in Columbus also have to prepare, analyze and verify financial documents so that information can be given to clients on time. Their services are now broadened to include other tasks such as financial and investment planning, budget analysis, legal services and information technology consulting.

Accounting covers 4 major fields namely management, public, internal and government. Public Accountants provide auditing, tax, accounting and consulting activities for their clients. The clients may be nonprofit organizations, government, corporations or individuals. For instance, some public accountants advise firms regarding tax matters and merits and demerits of certain business decisions and help to prepare income tax returns. Others assist in matters regarding employee healthcare benefits, compensation, data-processing and accounting systems, selection of controls to protect assets etc. Accountants in Columbus are also in charge of auditing financial statements of clients and have to report to authorities and investors regarding the preparation of statements. CPA’s or Certified Public accountants work for public accounting firms or have their own businesses.

Some public accountants in Columbus work in the area of forensic accounting which involves interpreting and investigating crimes such as embezzlement and fraud, contract disputes and bankruptcies and other criminal financial transactions by criminals. Such people combine their knowledge of finance and accounting with law and examine techniques for deciding whether there is any illegal activity going on. Forensic accountants generally remain in close touch with lawyers and law enforcement agencies and also act as expert witnesses during trials.

Many accountants and auditors in Columbus also work as internal auditors, management accountants or government accountants and auditors. But a vast majority of them are licensed Certified Public Accountants. Most auditors work in urban areas because it is here that maximum of the central or regional offices of businesses are situated.

Those interested can also work as full-time college and university faculty; others teach Accounting or auditing part time while assuming the duties of self-employed accountants or accountants in government or private firms.

Other areas of work

Accountants and auditors also analyze financial data and design internal control systems. They can also get jobs in specific areas such as financial advisory services, budget analysis, revenue agents and collectors, loan officers, bill and account collectors, book keeping and auditing clerks, financial and technical analysts, cost estimators, management analysts etc.

A good working environment and job security are available to dedicated professionals with attractive pay and benefits in Columbus. The accounting firms in Philadelphia also gives an opportunity for growth in various positions in accounting and auditing field in Columbus as well as in other locations.

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