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A range of engineering jobs in Tulsa, OK

Engineering industry is an important industry in Tulsa which contributes a lot to Phoenix’s economy. There are several engineering firms in Tulsa which are in need for hundreds of professionals’ everyday. You can find the vacancies and jobs in the engineering firms easily by making use of the job listing available online. You can find vacancies for sales and architectural engineers and engineers of other fields in Tulsa.

Kinds of engineering jobs

Engineers can find employment in areas such as Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Structural, Rehabilitation, Transportation, Traffic, Materials, Environmental and Safety, and others.

Job Responsibilities
Engineers should be able to work independently and resolve engineering queries and problems.

They must be able to analyze design plans and drafting errors so that there is uniformity of design. Providing technical guidance and training to technical support staff and engineering staff also comes under their role. Engineers should also take up work pertaining to review of engineering projects and adhere to engineering standards and to the terms of agreements. They must direct and co-ordinate the activities related to two or more projects and recommend research. Supervising staff, conducting or supervising special studies in assigned program area also comes under their duties. They should also take up improvement programs.

Duties of engineers

Engineers working in reputed firms in Tulsa must be in good contact with clients at all management levels including procurement, design and senior management. They should also take up work regarding negotiations and sales presentations. Monitoring industry trends, offering design, configuration of best practices to partners, and/or helping the Product Development/ Marketing team where required also comes under their role.

Chemical engineers in Tulsa have to take up tests to ensure work is proceeding as per the plan. They should also conduct research to decide the most suitable way of producing certain products. They should also ensure that the work is done to the best of their ability and the desired outcome is reached by consulting with several individuals.

Sales Engineers in Tulsa must foster customer relationships at the proper levels and be an important member to offer technical and business solution from the conceptual through detailed phase of sales opportunities. Sales Engineers should also develop better relationships with Marketing, Engineering and Solutions Architects by designing customer solutions.

Mechanical Engineers should be able to undertake engineering duties such as designing tools, engines, machines and other mechanically functioning equipment. They should also take up works such as installation, operation, supervising, maintenance and repair of such equipment as centralized water, heat, steam and gas systems.


An engineering qualification and experience in a relevant field will be the preferred pre-requisites among candidates. Engineers should also try their best to add value to the company they are working for. Preferably they must also be computer literate. Those having some years of experience can be selected for senior positions. Best pay and a nice working environment are available for suitable candidates. The best way to know about the jobs is to use the job listing or job boards available online.

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